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Masturbating mutually will connect you and your sweetie, your partner or a fellow member on an ever deeper level. No matter how long you’ve been together, you want that for sure! The feedback from our customers speaks for itself.

Your voice matters. Start a discussion and share your masturbation thoughtful opinions in our CLASSIC VIEW section.

As individuals, we need to decide what works for us in our relationship at any given time in our life. There are also many couples who have large differences in their desired sexual frequency. These desire discrepancies can create a situation in which the higher-desire partner often feels denied and the lower-desire partner often feels hounded—nobody is having a good time there. For these folks, masturbation can take some of the edge off of the discrepancy so that both partners enjoy their shared activities more.

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Maybe you think your masturbating habit is weird or you feel embarrassed, ashamed or plain afraid to share that with your honey. I promise you it's not and we all have experienced such thoughts.


Begin by watching and then immerse yourself into the lifestyle at your own pace.


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There is no shame in masturbation, it is the safest sex alternative to penetration.

For some members, taking an act that's traditionally considered solitary and potentially shameful, and instead turning it into a safe, positive, communal bonding experience, can be powerfully freeing. CityJerks promotes the safe sex option of masturbation. You may remain solo and learn new techniques, learn that your doing it right because there is no wrong or you may meet a bate buddy, join one of our member created groups or attend a member hosted CityJerks gathering.

Cityjerks helps me remain faithful to my wife.

By CityJerks Married Male Member who identifies as bi experimental - July 14, 2016

I only had this app for a couple of days and already getting contacts and making masturbation friends. I 100% recommend this app. My wife started going through the change and I had my desires and curiosities yet wanted to remain faithful. I turned the air conditioning down to 65 degrees for her comfort and joined Cityjerks and I now am able to explore and remain faithful. I have met a few members in person and have had mutual masturgaiton experiences that are fulfilling, safe sex and I remain faithful.

Finally a group that understands safe sex through mutual masturbation is normal!

By CityJerks Straight Single Male Member- march 24, 2018

I am single and practice safe sex always. I am not into penetration and am still making discoveries and experience in life even at the age of 45. I am not shy about masturbation, the one article in the City Jerks groups section pointed out that The American Medical Association consensually declared masturbation as normal in 1972. Cityjerks lets me be surrounded by other people who have the same philosophy that I have and learn new techniques and pleasures. It has opened my mind to various experience and techniques and relationships that are not committed and don't involve penetration.


By CityJerks Heterosexual Couple who hosts CityJerk get togethers - January 4, 2019

It is a great app, the People View part is free to use, free to send messages, free to answer messages, the real time chat feature and search button are also free. The Classic View has the social aspect and requires a VIP membership to view the images and demo videos that members share but the basics in the classic part are also free. With that said the safe sex alternative that CityJerks app provides is a great place to meet like minded couples looking for non penetration friends. This is not a swing lifestyle app yet is for non penetration men, women, couples, gay straight or bi and even some trans gendered members have attended our gatherings.