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Jerking with my dad in the barn

I grew up on a farm and we had animals, barns, sheds and coops all over the place. I had been masturbating for several years now, but usually at night after I went to bed. I would masturbate and shoot my load either in my pajama bottoms or on the sheets, whichever I felt comfortable with. I never masturbated in my underwear though. I had started masturbating when I was about 12 years old and I enjoyed it very much.


One day, about 3 years later, I was out in the barn and I got horny, so I decided to masturbate in the barn. I pulled off my jeans and my underpants and laid down in the hay. I got a nice boner and started to wank away. I was just about to dump my load when my Dad walked in and caught me. 

He asked what I was doing I said, I was wanking off until you walked in and stopped me. He said, Well don’t stop on my account, go ahead and finish. I looked at him and continued to wank. He didn’t leave, instead he stayed there and watched me. I was a little embarrassed but I kept going. Suddenly I had the urge to cum and I said, I’m going to cum. He said, go ahead, I want to see this. So I sat up and came this humongous load of pure white, creamy cum and shot it into the hay. He said, Nice load, and then walked out.


I put my clothes back on and followed him. I asked him, Are you made at me? He said, no, I’m glad you know about sex and cumming. I then asked him when was the last time he did something like that. He answered, I’ve never done anything like except when you Mom and I have sex. I said, You mean you never thought about just going somewhere and wanking off? He said nope.


About two weeks later I decided to go out to the barn and wank off in my private little place. I had been wanking off in bed or the shower but wanted to visit the barn again. I went into the barn and as I got close to my special spot, I heard heavy breathing and moaning. 

I looked around the corner, and there was my dad, laying naked in the hay pulling on his gigantic boner. I had never seen my dad naked before and could not believe how bid his cock was. I had to be at least 11 long, hard. I stepped out into the are and said, Don’t let me interrupt you. He looked up at me. He must have been real close, because he didn’t even flinch or stop pumping. A few seconds later he shot this big long stream of snow white, creamy cum followed by at least 6 more shots before he slowed down. When he finished, he said, I guess we’re even. I caught you and you caught me. I told him why I came there and he said, well you might as well add to the collection. So I took my pants and underpants off and wanked off and shot my load right where he shot his. I glistened on the hay.


We sat there and talked and he said after he caught me a few weeks before, he thought about it and came out one morning and did it for the first time time. This was his second time. He said it felt real good. I looked at his soft cock and it was about 6 1/2 inches long compared to my 5 inch cock. Then he said, I’m glad we caught each other doing this, now we don’t have to be embarrassed about it if we catch each other doing it. I said, Hey what if we come out here every couple of days and have wanking party? He said, that sounds good, I’d like that. Then he said, the day that we decide to come out here, don’t wear underpants. That’s less to take off. I said we will have to have a signal when we are going to do it.


About three days later, at the supper table, my dad said that he was going to be working in the barn the next day. That was the clue. 

The next day I got dressed without underpants. Then after breakfast I went to do my chores and he went to do his. After lunch he said he would be in the barn.


He went to the barn and about 5 minutes later I went to the barn. We met at out special spot, where he was raking in new clean hay. We both got undressed and laid down in the hay and started to wank off. After about 5 minutes we said at the same time that we had to cum. I turned on my side and faced my dad and he turned and faced me. Then suddenly we both shot our loads onto each others belly. Man we were both covered with creamy, white cum. There was a towel there that we used to clean ourselves off, then we got dressed.


We enjoy going out into the barn and wanking off. One time I reached over and took my dad’s cock in my hand and it felt good and I wanked him off while he laid there, I straddled him and shot his cum on my cock and balls. He did the same for me.


Now I am married and live about two hours from my dad yet we still get to that barn for a jerk every time I return home for a visit.

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