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Weekend at Dino’s

My buddy Dino had the whole weekend to himself this past weekend and we decided to do what all bros do when a situation like this arises, we got a jerk session in. Dino’s family were out of town this weekend so we decided to hang out at his place. At this point, Dino was searching for some good porn to watch while I was trying to concoct a good jerking potion. Dino’s computer was going slow so I recommended that we go look at our saved videos. Dino and I have been best friends for about ten years now and ever since we started jerking off together, we also saved the porn videos that we thought were epic and beyond awesome. So we went through our saved videos, obviously hidden in multiple folders, and we found a video that we both agreed, needed to be watched again. This was a video of Nikki Benz as a soccer player, fucking her coach after the coach lost a bet. Once we had decided this was the video we were going to watch, I had also decided that we warm up some lotion and use it when we were about to cum. 


Dino and I set up a bed right by the television and we began to jerk off, our heads laying on opposite ends of the bed. This was a 30 minute video, so we had to pace ourselves. We went with the flow of the video, if Nikki Benz was getting fucked slowly, we would jerk off at that same pace and whenever the pace would speed up, so would our jerking motion. Dino and I were edging for majority of the video, jerking enough where you would feel your balls cool, and the cum just ready to explode through your dick, but would stop the jerking motion, once we felt we were real close to climaxing. The edging intensified the feeling, as we both desperately just wanted to cum to Nikki Benz circling her body as she was on top of a dick. Dino and I have a close bond and as we jerked we also chatted a little bit just to make sure all was going well. For instance, Dino would ask me if I was comfortable or I would ask Dino if I should higher the volume of the television. Small things like this we talk about just to make sure our orgasm can be that much more enhanced. Dino and I had decided that I would be the first one to cum and then Dino would go afterwards. Also, as I would cum, I told Dino to pour the warm lotion onto the tip of my penis, so the warm lotion could intensify the orgasm. As we were approaching the cum scene, I began to tense my body, so I could edge right before cumming. Dino had the warm lotion ready and tested to ensure it wasn’t too hot for the skin. I kept pounding my dick as Nikki Benz kept screaming harder, harder, harder! As soon as Nikki Benz got to her knees, I knew the cum scene was arriving so I closed my eyes, relaxed my whole body and gave Dino the cue to start pouring. The warm, liquidity lotion hit the top of my dick first, the warm feeling slithered down my dick and soon after, the orgasm rushed up to the surface of my penis, meeting the warm lotion half way. The feeling was incredible and my hand continued to stroke even after the intense cum that had just erupted from my dick. The warm lotion made the orgasm last longer and the feeling was absolutely incredible. Afterwards, I wiped myself down and now it was Dino’s turn. I warmed up the lotion as he did for me and we rewinded the video back 5 minutes, giving Dino enough time for him to orgasm as well. I was standing with the warm lotion in a cup and was waiting for the right moment to start pouring the lotion onto Dino’s dick. Dino was focused on the video and he continued to edge for about a minute or so and once Nikki got onto her knees again, that’s when I slowly began to pour the lotion onto Dino’s dick. As the lotion dripped down his dick, I also saw the cum erupt out of his dick. His body moved involuntarily, creating a pleasurable feeling and five seconds after orgasming, I saw another cum shot explode onto his upper chest. I could tell he enjoyed the feeling as well and asked about it afterwards. He said it felt incredible and having that warm lotion being poured at exactly the right time was worth it. 


Afterwards, we cleaned up and took turns taking a shower. We hung out for a little and then grabbed some frozen yogurt. Needless to say, when the house is empty again, we will definitely take advantage.

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