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One Day at the Adult Bookstore

This happened a few years back, when my wife and I were going through a frosty period. She was rarely interested in having sex with me, which forced me to solve my frustrations with masturbation. Feeling horny one morning at work, I closed my office door and scanned porn, edging myself but never cumming. By lunchtime I needed release. I left work and drove to the adult bookstore in the 'bad' section of town. I got nervous as I approached it, parked down the street, then hurried to its front door, praying no one I knew would spot me.

Inside I got tokens for the videos, then walked to the hallway that led to a dozen private booths. Once in a booth I locked the door, deposited five tokens, and flicked through the channels. Although I've been straight all my life I do get turned on by gay porn, which is why I settled on a gay channel. It featured a seduction scene, with man-on-man kissing and touching.

I had my pants lowered and was stroking my own cock when someone entered the adjoining booth. There was a two-inch hole in the wall about knee level and soon enough an eye peeked through. His pupil moved left and right, checking out first me with my cock in hand, then the gay video. Being watched turned me on and I willingly gave him a show as I stroked my cock.

This lasted a minute or so before the body moved way. Once I heard his door open and shut, I resumed stroking myself, getting close to orgasm. And then came a knock at my own door. Shit! My heart sped up. My first thought was the police - were they raiding the place? I quickly zipped up my pants, and not even thinking to switch video channels I unlocked the door. I opened it about two inches and through the crack I saw a tall, beefy black man in a tee shirt.

At least it wasn't the cops, but what did this guy want? It took a second to realize what he wanted. I shook my head, but he placed his hand on the door and gave it a gentle push. For some reason I didn't protest. Maybe I was in shock but I just took a step backwards. The door opened wider and he stepped inside. With his back to the door he closed it and was able to lock it without looking.

We stood in silence. The video threw flickering gray lights on us. The only words came from the video, the usual banal porn dialog.

The man looked at me. He was beefy, muscular, decent looking, probably in his thirties. (I had just turned 45.) He wasn't a street thug or white-boy rapist; he was just a working man visiting the same adult store as me. When he leaned sideways to look at the video monitor behind me I turned and noticed that the scene had progressed to a young blond sucking two older men. When I looked back at the man his face showed neither amusement nor anxiety.

Then he looked down at his pants, which directed my attention as well. In the flickering light I saw an impressive bulge in his sweatpants. When I looked back up he nodded, as if giving me 'go ahead' signal.

I knew what he wanted me to do, I just didn't know what I wanted to do, what I was willing to do. Aware of the dangers of unprotected sex, there was no way I was going to suck his cock. No way. And yet, here I was in this booth with him.

I was in a state of maximum arousal (so close to cumming) and curiosity. I still can't believe I did what I did: I reached over with my right hand and placed it firmly on his manhood through his pants. It felt large - not super enormous, just larger than mine, and meaty. I palmed him, and gave it a few squeezes, then began moving my hand up and down. I was too nervous to look at his face while I did this, I could only stare down, amazed that this was my hand doing this.

As I moved my hand back and forth it tugged at his sweatpants. His erection grew. A bigger tent formed.

I'm not sure how long we stayed like this before he grabbed the waistband of his pants with one hand and used the other to fish his cock out. OK, I reasoned, I'll give him a handjob. That was safe, wasn't it? I placed my hand on it, feeling - for the first time in my life - another man's cock! It was fat, and long. I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked him a few times. And God, it turned me on to that.

Needing lubrication I brought my hand up and spit on it. When I returned my hand to his cock, he placed his hands on my shoulders and nudged me down. Still resolved that I wouldn't suck his cock, I didn't resist. I lowered myself to my knees, and now took his cock in both hands.

At first he placed his arms behind him and arched his back to thrust his cock forward. I used my saliva-covered hands to stroke the base and and the head. When my hands dried, I worked up a mouth full of spit and relubricated him. His body started moving back and forth, and he moved a hand to the back of my head. When he tried to push my face to his cock I shook my head and backed off. Accepting my refusal he again moved his hands behind his back, and I continued stroking him.

When he was ready to come he took his cock in his own hands. I leaned back on my haunches and just watched as he jerked himself. It didn't take long. The first jet surprised me - it shot from his cock, through the air, and landed on my chest. The next globs spurted out on the floor. He stayed there, standing silently, slowly milking himself, letting the random drops of cum dribble down.

I reached into my pocket and withdrew some tissues I had taken from work. After I handed them to him, he wiped himself, then tossed them on the floor. Without speaking a word he pulled his sweatpants up, opened the door and slipped out of the booth.

I quickly locked the door and took out my own cock. I spit into my hands and turned to watch the video monitor. I rubbed myself, wrapping my right hand tightly around the base of my cock. With my left I switched channels and found one with a woman sucking off a black guy's monster dick. And as I imagined me doing that I quickly brought myself to orgasm.
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