Come Watch Me Masturbate

If you watched me right now, you would see me sitting in front of my computer reading stories and viewing some nice pictures. My favourites contain at least female masturbation, girl on girl scenes and good fucking episodes. This is valid for stories as well as pics. Maybe some light watersport and bondage scenarios too. I am not sure if I really want to try out everything I like hear and see about?! However, as I proceed consuming porn I feel a growing tension in my hips. My balls begin to tingle and I look forward to have some pleasure, all by myself. I rub my cock thorough my jeans and get quickly a slight hard on. As the bulge in my jeans grows too much, I unbutton them and let them fall to my ankles. I pull my shorts aside and caress with both hands my naked cock and my balls. Oh God, I’m so horny. I jerk my now fast growing penis further on and squeeze my balls still half inside my shorts. It grows harder and harder until I have to break up. Let us take it Easy, I tell myself, and after awhile begin to tease me again. A good jacking session lasts at least half an hour, even if the pressure – at this moment - feels unbearable. I caress my balls and feel the huge amount of sperm building up in them. I have not been jerking off for days now, and therefore the pressure growing up inside me feels awesome. It is time to grab my prick again. Faster and faster I move my fingers. I press them around my cock moving them up and down the shaft. I am dreaming of you slowly taking your clothes of, as you sit at your computer curiously reading how I masturbate. ‘What a sight that must be,’ I think to myself as I again stroke my hot and hard cock. It feels powerful in my hand as I pull my foreskin up and down the red bulb.

After awhile it is time to take off my clothes completely and spread a big towel on my desk beside my pc, - just in case. It feels so great sitting naked at my computer, reading and watching pure porn while masturbating. I place one hand around my full erect cock, and stroke up and down along the shaft. Simultaneously, I enjoy encircling the head with each stroke. This stimulation I combine with massaging or just holding my balls with/in my other hand . I swap my cock from one hand to another. I close my eyes and moan, enjoying the feeling my both hands are giving me, as I continue to masturbate for you. I pump my fist up and down my joyful cock until I feel the first precum squirting around my tip, and as I jerk further on, it spreads all over my dick. You see my hand quicken now, as it pumps my hard cock, which is becoming more and more slippery from my own juices. My eyes are nearly rolling back in my head. You can tell I am almost going to cum right away. My cock is big, really hot, swollen almost to bursting, throbbing, and leaking my slippery liquid from the little slit. I moan loudly with pleasure, holding on just before I push myself over the edge. I have to stop and relax a bit right now. Then I run my fingers along my balls and then up the sensitive underside of my cock. I squeeze the tip, rubbing my precum all over. Maybe you too are touching yourself right now, feeling perhaps your breasts in your hands. Would you roll your nipples between your fingers for me, please?

I feel a urgent need to penetrate something soft with my stiff cock. I wish you were here! This being not so, I take my little toy: An oro-simulator with a hollow latex dome, a soft rubber sleeve hanging on it. I pour some lubricant into the mouth of the sleeve and smear it around the inside. I grab my cock and place the head against the mouth of the sleeve, slowly shoving it inside the wet hole. My bulb is throbbing inside the dome. I thrust my cock in and out of my toy for awhile dreaming of your hot cunt. I moan loud as my cock is engulfed by the slippery sleeve. The dome is almost too small for my throbbing bulb. My cock is still growing bigger as I fuck my artificial pussy and it becomes very difficult to hold back my load. But I do not want to come, yet. I pull my cock out of my toy and stand up. Standing makes me last longer and I have thus more powerful orgasms. Due to my juices and the lubricant my cock is so wet by now, that I can start rubbing the bare tip between my fingers. I imagine you to rub your pussy while you are watching me getting closer to my climax. Perhaps you feel the wetness of your crotch right now. Swell! I cannot read any more because of growing lag of concentration. So I just start the slideshow and thrust my cock into my toy again, holding it stable in my hands as I rock my hips back and forth thus pumping in this sweet little fake cunt. Girls are running over my screen. I whisper madly something like: ‘yes spread your lips, slide a finger (then two) in your moist cunt” i.e.

I cannot hold my load back any longer. I hastily pull my cock out of my toy and take it in my hand squeezing it in panic. Only one glob of cum emerges of its tip. I manage to pause for a second then I start stroking myself very fast, pulling on my prick, stroking, faster, stronger. I have to cum right now! I look down. All I can see is my hand moving all over my slippery dick so fast that it is a blur. I rest my head back, stare the screen and enjoy the final moments before my orgasm. I am dreaming of you again. Can you imagine my big cock splitting your sweet hole? I am now moaning loudly and constantly. I feel my cum rising from my balls. OH YES...I’M CUMMING NOW! My balls are suddenly drawn up tightly against my body. I feel relieved as the orgasm hits my body. Stream after stream of my white cream emerges from my penis. I pull my foreskin back and try to aim the far side of the towel. It feels fantastic! I have to lean on the table, so as not to fall over. I spurt my hot cum all around the towel on my desk, - ...five, six and seven loads. Aw, I wish these were your Tits I am squirting on. Think about me kneeling between your legs and holding my spurting cock aiming at your breasts. Yes! I use my hand to milk out the last bit of cum before I gently rub my cock on the towel, which is by now partly coated with my juices. Some shots are about one meter away. I really needed this, I think. My balls are empty now and I collapse limply onto my chair. I sit there, unable to move, enjoying the aftermath of my orgasm, feeling my satisfied cock to soften slowly.

I hope you enjoyed spying on me.
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