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Cabin Medicine

I awakened to muffled noises downstairs. The bedside clock showed three thirty five in the morning. I got out of bed and grabbed the pistol from the drawer. More muffled noises. I slipped out of my room naked and crept down the hallway. Quietly I made my way to the living room. The cabin had been burglarized several times before and the television and DVD player were new. I knew Dr. Jasper was damned tired of these kids breaking in and stealing. I heard a soft grunt like someone straining to pick up something heavy. Goddamn it. I aimed the pistol and quietly stepped to the doorway. I'm lucky I didn't accidentally fire the gun.

Reclining naked on the couch before me was my mentor, Dr. Jon Jasper masturbating to a DVD of a man and woman fucking. He was exposed clearly in the light from the kitchen. He couldn't see me at this angle unless he turned around but I could see him clearly. He was obviously near ejaculation and the grunting I'd heard came from him as he increased the speed of his hand jacking off his penis. Jasper was handsome, around 6'3", with an athletic frame from years of exercise. There was black chest hair between his nipples and on his stomach, with a full curly bush around the penis that he was furiously jerking. It looked to be around six inches hard and he was uncircumcised. He was sliding the foreskin up and down over a blunt bell head that was throbbing. His balls hung low in a hairy sack and his upper thighs were smooth, lower legs covered in curly black hairs. He curled his toes as his orgasm neared.

I swallowed hard, so hard I was afraid he'd hear me. I knew I should quietly back out and let him masturbate in private but I was mesmerized. I idolized him. He'd guided me through my internal medicine residency at the Veteran's Administration hospital. A veteran of the war in Iraq, he was a decorated military officer, family man, and at age 39, the youngest Chief of Staff the hospital had ever had. His wife was a nurse practitioner at another local private hospital and they had two sons, one eleven, one six. I'd been friends with them for years. This week of vacation for the male residents on his rotation had originally been planned with three other residents. I had driven up with Jon to his cabin in the woods of Ontario. After we'd arrived, the other three who were to meet us had all cancelled. Victor's father-in-law died. Eddie's son had broken his legs in a football accident. Matt's wife had been involved in a car wreck on the way home from work. All the cancellations happened on the Friday night and Saturday of what was to be our first weekend. Jasper and I decided to stay and it was now in the early morning hours of Sunday. He had visiting in-laws at his home and was in no hurry to get back. I was his friend and had no other obligations. I'd decided to take him up on his offer to finish out this much needed week of vacation. Plus, Jon had asked me to stay with him so he wouldn't be alone. He said he wanted some much needed peace. He seemed to be getting it about now as he entered the final phase of what promised to be a massive orgasm.

He gritted his teeth and groaned, arching his back and his cock shot out eight ropes of pearly semen onto his chest and stomach. My own cock was hard as a rock. I still held the pistol before me, almost in a trance watching his masturbation performance. He collapsed back onto the couch, still sliding his cum drenched foreskin up and down on his rapidly deflating penis. I went to back away quietly and bumped the door frame. He jumped up and stared at me in shock.

"Fucking hell, Josh! Don't shoot, for God's sake!"

I couldn't help but giggle. The scene was almost comical, him standing with his cum dripping down his chest and me pointing a 38 caliber pistol at him.

"Shit, Jon, you nearly gave me a motherfucking heart attack! I thought you were a burglar!"

He laughed sheepishly. "I'd feel better if you lowered your pistol, Josh. Still embarrassed, but not in fear of my life."

"Oh, yeah, right. Sorry."

I lowered the pistol to my side.

"Sorry, Jon. I didn't mean to interrupt your...uh...your..."

"My jacking off in the middle of the goddamn night to porno!" he said brusquely. "Just let it go. I hope I can count on your silence?"

We looked at each other for a few seconds.

"Sure, Jon. We all jack off. I'm sorry."

"For what? You thought I was a burglar, right?"

He looked up and down my naked body quickly. I was grateful my erection had diminished. Flaccid, my own penis was about an inch longer than his was erect. It's a masculine thing, I guess. I was glad he saw my dick was bigger than his.

"Good night," he said, dismissing me. "Go back to bed and I'll clean up here."

He turned his back on me and turned off the television. I saw his ass for the first time, smooth and hairless, a bubble butt that struck me as perfect.

"Good night, Jon. See you in the morning."

I left him and went back to bed. I lay in bed replaying the scene that had just happened. Never in my life had I seen another man ejaculate in person. I was one who had never played sex games with any of my mates growing up, had never jacked off with anyone else. My only sexual experiences had been with girls and I'd had plenty of them. I'd just broken off a long time engagement to a girl that I'd realized was more in love with becoming a doctor's wife than she'd been in love with me. Thank God I'd found it out before we walked down the aisle.

I felt my penis getting erect as I lay in bed and was just a little disturbed that it was because I'd watched another man masturbate. Sure, Jon Jasper was a sexy and virile man. Only the most deluded homophobic idiot male refuses to acknowledge that other men can be sexy. I'd just never imagined him naked before, certainly never imagined seeing his erect cock shoot his cum out all over his chest. I had a quick image of him fucking his wife, Lynn. He and Lynn made an odd pair, like you often see with handsome men. He was handsome, she was plain. Jon was the center of attention where ever he went. The women almost visibly drooled over him and men were in awe of the war hero, this action man who'd been caught in the heat of front line battle when his hospital had been attacked in Iraq. Jon was movie star handsome, Lynn was short and dumpy. She was funny and adorable, a wonderful mother and friend, but I'd heard more than question how someone like her had captured Jon. He had women almost falling at his feet daily but there had never been any rumors of his cheating on Lynn. And no one could imagine Lynn cheating on him. Hell, Lynn was sort of like the Pillsbury dough girl. Suddenly I wanted to masturbate but I just felt uncomfortable doing it. In the end, I fell asleep thinking about a cancer patient I was treating.

A loud knock on my door woke me.

"You planning to sleep the day away, Josh?" Jon yelled through the door.

I was glad he hadn't opened the door. I was in bed naked with monster morning wood.

"Give me a minute! I'll be right out!"

I threw on my robe and stepped across the hall to the bathroom. I pissed and quickly showered and shaved. When I walked into the kitchen, Jon was sitting at the table reading the Sunday newspaper. He looked fresh as a daisy. He'd obviously risen earlier, showered and dressed, and driven to the quickie food and gas station about a mile down the road. A bowl and a box of cereal were on the table before him. He'd already eaten.

"Okay if I eat some of that cereal?" I asked.

He lowered the paper.

"Sure. Help yourself. Milk's in the fridge."

I grabbed the milk, a spoon and bowl from the cabinet, and sat down. Jon had not said a word about my catching him masturbating but he didn't need to. I could see it in his eyes. I knew him too well. Something had changed irrevocably between us and I could feel an undercurrent of tension. The memory of him ejaculating in front of me would stay with me forever. I couldn't help but regret it because it obviously would stay with him, too. We might never get past this tense feeling and our work relationship would never be the same again. He was my mentor but he was also my boss. There had always been remoteness, an air of superiority with him. It was gone, replaced by this new uncertain tension.

"So what's in the news today?"

I was trying to make conversation.

He laughed. "The president wants to change military leadership in Iraq." He snorted. "The man's an idiot. He doesn't know shit about how the military really operates in a war zone and he wants to make changes. He and that bunch of advisors of his want people who'll be 'more effective in bringing closure to this situation'. Goddamn. That Washington bunch makes me sick."

"You know they're talking about sending me over to Afghanistan since I've completed my residency. I don't want to go but that's part of the deal when the army pays tuition for you."

"Yeah. I'd heard it, Josh, and maybe I can hold it off if you want. Veterans need care just as much as the active military."


We sat in silence for the next several minutes.

Jon cleared his throat. "I thought we could take it easy today and just relax around the cabin. The paper says it's going to rain off and on all day. It was raining when I got up this morning. Didn't you hear it?"

"Yeah, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I love to sleep when it's raining. My grandparents had a tin roof on their house in the country. It sounded like heaven when it was raining."

"Where was this?"

"About a half hour from Augusta, Georgia."

"Really? I didn't know you came from Georgia."

"I don't. None of my family does. My grandfather is a golf nut and he fell in love with Augusta when he attended the Master's tournament one year. He retired there a few years ago but he's from Chicago. You know I grew up everywhere with Dad being an Army doc, too. I was born while he was stationed in Germany."

Jon laughed. "Just another military brat."

"Were you a military kid?"

"Hell, no. My father was a surgeon in Tucson, Arizona and I grew up there. I joined the Army because I had a wild hair in my ass. At least that's what Dad says," he laughed and rolled his eyes.

"And you loved it so much you just stayed on," I said sarcastically.
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