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  • Public (anyone can view and join)
  • Group for heterosexual bisexual and gay men to meet for individual masturbation in a group mutual masturbating each other and individuals to be use for bukkake. Meeting to be held Tuesday Wednesday nights during the week. Can't host need hosts please can provide hotel if there are enough in the group to cum. If anyone wants to set up a meet please do so and if you would like to post picture on the group page please do. 
    Simple rules for the group are
    1. No forced or BDSM all about pleasure 
    2.Condoms and lube well be provided 
    3.No means no, please be respectful
    4.Cum and go is fine as long as it's
    fine with the host
    5.Host well set the rules for there place
    6.Intercourse is not what were doing, so
    please do it somewhere else.
    7.Time is up to the host(start and how long), my hotel room
    well be open till 1am. 

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