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How I masturbate

I cross my legs together. Really tightly. That way I kind of massage my balls by squeezing my thighs together. I suppose you could think of it as a slow torture type of masturbation. When I find a story that appeals to me, I naturally get a raging hard on, and yes, I am so very tempted to jerk off right then and there. But rather than have it be over with so quickly, I'll save the story (for possible future use) and search for another.

My cock in the meantime seeks relief, which I have no intentions on giving it anytime soon. The slow dribble of precum only adds to my excitement, as I allow it to ooze down my shaft. There is the constant throb I feel between my legs, those light little palpitations. There are times when I feel myself ready to explode, then and only then do I uncross my legs, until the feeling subsides. It's a constant tease and I love the feelings it brings. It's almost like having a bunch of mini orgasms. There are times when I'll do this for two to three hours at a clip. My balls actually become sticky from a combination of precum and sweat. But it's all very worthwhile in the end. Trust me.

Yes, you'll be tempted to just grab hold of yourself, and jerk yourself off as quickly as possible. But where's the fun in that? Sure it feels great when you finally let loose, but once it's over, you have to wait to start all over again. And with my way, the beauty is you can actually do this discretely, fully clothed. Just be sure to have a bathroom nearby to clean yourself up! Anyway, what I like to read about mostly is stories that tell the girl's point of view on masturbation. One of my favorites being Blooming by sereneflutist. I also like stories that deal with panties (yes, I have a panty fetish). So if you have stories that deal with masturbation and panties, I'm there!

The first time I read Blooming, I read it over and over again. It made me so hot (it still does). The first time I read it I had precum dribbling out of my cock before I even got to the end of the story. I repeatedly read from my favorite section beginning at the part where her "panties were warm and slightly damp already..." I could care less whether or not she never had an orgasm before; I knew she was going to give me one! The story had me that worked up. I suppose in my mind I had this vision of being there, watching her Yes, I have a very vivid imagination. But isn't that what makes any story worthwhile? I wanted to see her make herself cum, in much the same way she was going to make me cum. Alas, mutual masturbation!

So anyway, by the third read through, I knew I was ready. And believe me, I wanted to burst. I just squeezed my thighs together tighter, hoping to hold off the inevitable. My balls aching for release, the small beads of precum on top of my pubic hair. That wonderful tingling a man gets just before his orgasm hits. I kept squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, continuing with the tease. I looked down at my twitching cock briefly, admiring how wet the head of it was, as another drop of precum bubbled out of it. It was so tempting to just grab hold of myself and let the cum fly. But no, I had to continue the tease.

So, back to the story...I got to the point where she stated her pussy started to drip, and that was all it took. I squeezed my thighs together, put the paper down and watched as my cock began to spasm. Shot after shot of hot, white cum shot up from its tip and onto belly. I let it pool there. Squeezing my thighs together, milking my balls if you will. I refused to touch myself. After several long spurts and a few smaller ones, my orgasm finally subsided.

I uncrossed my legs and grabbed hold of my cock, just to relish in the thought of what just took place (and to squeeze out the last few remaining drops of cum). Thank-you Sereflutist for such an arousing story. My cock and I both have enjoyed it many times over. As I am sure we will continue to do so.

In the meantime, any male who wants a new way to masturbate, and likes to be teased should try this method. No hurries, no worries. Just continue to enjoy what you're reading. I would think that any female who writes such an erotic story, would take it as a compliment to know that someone enjoyed their writings so fully. And with that, I'm off to search for more material! Good day.
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